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Follow us as we chronicle the restoration of the Chrome Twinkie. A 1964 Airstream 26′ Overlander from a trashed out hulk into the shining beauty it was meant to be. Once the project is complete you’ll be able to follow the travels of Mike and MJ as they journey throughout this vast country, exploring new sites, cooking some great food, checking out music fests and playing music every step of the way.

Make sure you check out our gallery. Will post new pics as the transformation happens from field find to completion. Once we get it on the road, you can follow our travel adventures via this blog.

Happy Airstreaming, everyone and hope to see you down the road.


    • MikeStallings says

      Thank you for being the first to comment on our new website. We hope you find your dream Airstream, Cara. If we hear of any Airstreams in the Pacific Northwest that might fit what you’re looking for we will email you. You never know. I network quite a bit all over the US and have many friends in all corners of the country.

  1. Linda Shay says

    Look forward to seeing your work on your restoration of your 64 Airstream. My husband and I just finished (well, mostly) renovating a 1962 Avion T-20. This was our first time doing anything like this. It turned out really good but WOW, was it a lot of work and expense! We had to gut the bathroom due to floor rot under tub and the rest was just stripping all woodwork and finishing, painting and repairing every system inside (electrical, 12 volt, water, plumbing, gas, all appliances, etc) We camped in it for the first time on July 4th and was it ever nice! We also have an original 1959 Airstream 28′ that is in excellent original shape. It was always covered in a building when not in use and has travelled all over th US and Mexico extensively. (It still has the original curtains and bedspreads even)
    Good luck with your project!

    • MikeStallings says

      Hi Linda and thanks for weighing in on your project. We just finished gutting ours last Friday and will be taking up to Colin Hyde for the body off restoration, pre-wire and pre-plumb, then back here to Kentucky for the finish work. We are going to be posting another post soon on the demolition process. Please be sure to visit our site often and make comments.

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