All That Glitters…..

We received a text message from Colin the other evening stating that he had “good news and bad news”.   Needless to say, it piqued our interest and got our imaginations running wild.  Perhaps he found a secret stash of cash buried under the subfloor but it was too far gone to be of value.  Maybe Colin found where Jimmy Hoffa had been buried and it wasn’t a pretty sight.  What if ours was an extremely rare and valuable Airstream but we had ruined it by tearing out the interior?

After mulling over these nutty scenarios, we finally replied to Colin and asked him to share the news.  It seems that our Airstream had been involved in an accident or low speed roll-over some time in the past and it had substantial repairs done to the skin and the interior.  The good news is that the repairs were professionally done and up to factory standards for the most part.  The interesting thing is that whomever had done the repairs used .025 aircraft aluminum versus the factory standard .032.  This slightly lighter gauge aluminum will polish every bit as nicely as the factory standard and only an expert would be able to discern the lighter gauge.


Colins team will be replacing some buck rivets and going through the seams to make sure they are waterproofed adequately but other than that it’s back to work on the Chrome Twinkie.


Until next time:

Mike and MJ

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