All That Glitters…..

We received a text message from Colin the other evening stating that he had "good news and bad news".   Needless to say, it piqued our interest and got our imaginations running wild.  Perhaps he found a secret stash of cash buried under the subfloor but it was too far gone to be of value.  Maybe Colin found where Jimmy Hoffa had been buried and it wasn't a pretty sight.  What if ours was an … [Read more...]

Progress is being made; the Twinkie is inside the repair shop! Colin and crew are busy assessing the overall condition and making plans for what needs to happen next. We are excited!

After spending the last 5 months in the parking lot, the Chrome Twinkie is finally inside of Colin Hyde's shop and ready for the next phase of its restoration process. The first steps will be removing the running lights, lower rub rails, old sky lights and remaining interior skin and insulation remnants.  Colin's craftsmen will then drill out the rivets holding the body to the frame, insert an … [Read more...]

After the “Tow” Rush…

  Prior to setting out for our journey to visit Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations in Plattsburgh, NY last month, we had to get our temporary running lights wired and hooked up to the bumper of the Twinkie.  We also wired a bright blue LED light strip across the bottom of the back window that flashed whenever the turn signals were applied as an additional safety precaution. Mike was concerned … [Read more...]

Almost ready to head to the AS “hospital” in NY

We've completed the tear-out and power washing of the Twinkie and we will be leaving in a little over a week to take it to our friend Colin Hyde at Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations in Plattsburgh, NY, where he will take the shell off the frame to go through everything from the bottom up including axles, re-wiring and re-plumbing. We will rely on his expertise for the final layout.  We are so … [Read more...]

The Demo

We decided to begin gutting the Twinkie in April of 2015, but of course before we began, Mike called our trusted advisor Colin Hyde, to see if he had any insights to share on gutting an Airstream.  Once again, this turned out to be a worthwhile conversation.   He advised that although we were tearing everything out, many of the interior components had value in being re-used or sold to others who … [Read more...]

Welcome to our Blog

Follow us as we chronicle the restoration of the Chrome Twinkie. A 1964 Airstream 26' Overlander from a trashed out hulk into the shining beauty it was meant to be. Once the project is complete you'll be able to follow the travels of Mike and MJ as they journey throughout this vast country, exploring new sites, cooking some great food, checking out music fests and playing music every step of the … [Read more...]